Board Room - AV

Boardroom Design and Integration

Modern Boardrooms are designed with an idea to enable high quality meeting experience, which enhances participants with flexibility to participate remotely, if they are physically unavailable.

As the requirements of the modern day workplace are constantly changing, so is the workspace around the world. Board rooms are turning into a historical object of past times with an ever increasing number of organizations adopting smaller, quieter spaces, for both internal and external meetings. With the recent mushroom in ‘huddle spaces’ and meeting sizes becoming smaller and smaller, A&T has explored various offering to benefit from implementing Board Room solutions in your office set up.

Benefits of boardroom solutions:

  • Fully integrated audio visual and video conferencing systems
  • HD Audio to enhance your meeting experience
  • Control systems that manage every aspect of the AV solution at touch of a button
  • Wireless presentation systems eliminating cables
  • Recording & Webcasting


                                                                                       Board Room


Innovation that permits adaptability has turned out to be essential for quality of life, as individuals are always searching for better approaches to remain connected from any location. To get the most out of your collaborative endeavors and maximize your efficiency, three factors play a key role – Technology, Space and Content. A & T provides consulting for the Space and effective content collaboration and the optimum A/V design using the optimum technology products and its implementation.

A Board room today needs to be designed with five components to bring it into the present day working needs.

Components Involved:

  • Displays & Digital Audio Systems
  • Video Conference systems
  • Control Systems, Switching & Automation
  • Wireless  Collaboration system
  • Recording & Streaming


Displays & Digital Audio Systems

Dual displays for interaction with remote participants

Multi touch displays for collaboration

Built in wireless collaboration

Digital Audio for clarity

IP network based distributed Audio architecture.


Video Conference

Software Based VC:

High-definition, multi-point, video conferencing and collaboration Software permits users to connect in a dynamic display of multiple video images, multiple simultaneously shared desktops with public and private text chat from desktops, laptops, mobiles and stream the conference.

Hardware Based VC:

High-definition, point –point multi-point, video conferencing solution with content sharing and recording enabling an always walk in video calls in the boardroom

Control Systems, switching & Automation

Video conference, audio system, displays & recording streaming can be controlled from touch panel or ipad through control processor. With a single click all AV devices gets activated and starts working in accordance with the programmed commands.

Wireless Collaboration system

Wireless collaboration system enables a presenter and participants to share, and view files with any PC, laptop, Android, iOS device in real-time. Collaboration Systems facilitate a presentation through screen casting of wireless devices; it facilitates file sharing with the help of Video Conferencing.

Recording & Streaming  

The Captured and Recorded session of Video conference can be Web casted live and stored contents can be accessed later on demand by the viewer. Complete recording and streaming operation can be controlled from Web Interface.