Small Conference / Huddle Rooms

As more and more remote collaboration meetings are being conducted, usage of simple & easy to use video conferencing in Huddle rooms & Small meeting rooms have significantly increased. Huddle room video conferencing needs the right products - like a small form factor plug & play unit, Wide angle camera to cover the front seaters, etc.

Which is the right Video conferencing solution for your Huddle Room?

You already have a Multi conferencing Server and need Plug & Play affordable video conferencing system for adding to your small conference rooms

Tely 200 is the choice 

You wish to move over to Cloud services for your video meetings and populate all your meeting rooms with video conferencing ability at affordable cost

CLOUD LINE Video conferencing Cloud service - Pay as you use + KLICK PTZ Camera + Voice Tracker II microphone - all connected to your laptop or a dedicated PC in your conference room. 

You already use Skype for Business or Lync or other Video conferencing cloud service but need better video and audio capability in your conference rooms

KLICK PTZ Camera + Voice Tracker II microphone


SNAP wide angle camera + Voice Tracker II microphone