Video Conferencing

Video Streaming

NCast products and services are industry breakthroughs in the delivery of corporate presentations over IP networks. Communications and information distribution to large or small audiences, with minimal effort and involvement of network managers and technical personnel, has never been easier.

NCast provides effective, scalable, and cost-effective methods for presenting rich content. NCast technology is revolutionizing presentation streaming with open-standard products that offer automation, ease of use, accessibility, low cost of deployment, and scalability.

Ncast introduces the new Galaxy series of Presentation Recorder/Streamers that represents a breakthrough in functionality, affordability, and size. The PR-Aries provides full frame recording and streaming with up to four graphic and text overlays. The PR-Leo adds a second input for composite layouts and the PR-Gemini adds Dual Screen recording and streaming.

Video Recording

The VSTOR Premium allows 4K Ultra HD capture from Video Conference system, DVD's, Video Cameras or your laptop directly on to your external storage or PC HDD. Record audio using the integrated microphone while you can take snapshots using the remote control.

Cloud Video Conferencing

Just connect the View PTZ Icon HD camera system to a TV and the internet, give it power and pair it to your account to start making calls—there simply isn’t a more powerful or easier-to-use video conferencing solution available.

Video Conferencing Accessories

Array Microphones-Acoustic Magic

Since 2002, the Pioneer of Scanning Array Microphones. The long pickup range and wide field of view make the Voice Tracker ideal for meetings and lecture recording, as well as conferencing applications. The Voice Tracker I can be used as an auxiliary microphone with conventional conferencing systems that have a good AEC. The Voice Tracker II has its own built in AEC, and consequently can be used with VoIP systems that do not have a robust AEC. More info @



Teacher Microphone-Avermedia

AVerMedia Technology’s  passion drove them to pursue the continuous research and development of digital imaging technologies and concurrent applications. AVerMedia Technologies provides PC, tablet, and mobile TV-viewing solutions, along with high-definition video and real-time audio-visual product designs, manufacturing, and marketing.




ET 510 can take any laptop VGA or HDMI in Classroom or Boardroom and with its up-scaling feature the input content could be display in two different output screens. More screens, more flexibility. The Multi-I/O Converter Box 510 can output one video on two separate screens at the same time via different output ports.




Professional Seamless video switcher & scaler with multiple analog/Digital interfaces.



USB Conference Camera with 4K Video and Lifelike Sound. The VB342 easily puts all participants in clear focus with its 4K PTZ camera’s extraordinary video quality and its professional-grade speakers and microphones. Perfectly suited for huddle rooms. 



                                        Video SoundBar