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Elmo MX-1


The First in True 4K. Present your lesson plan in spectacular 4K Ultra HD. The new MX-1 Visual Presenter is the world’s first true 4K document camera. The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port allows for viewing of video at full HD up to 60 fps. The optional expansion box adds connectivity options for HDMI and RGB based display.

True 4K: First in True 4K. The MX-1 is the first True 4K Document Camera on the market. Along with a specially crafted lens, the MX-1 will give you top quality 4K image at up to 30 fps.

USB 3.0: Powered by USB 3.0. In order to simplify the camera, the MX-1 is powered via Super Speed USB 3.0. The Super Speed USB 3.0 port allows for viewing of full HD video at up to 60 fps or True 4K at up to 30 fps. Experience no delay in the movement of objects under the camera. It also allows transmission of a True 4K image.

Lightweight – 1.04lbs: Only 1.04lbs. Weighing only 1.04lbs the MX-1 is completely portable and easy to transport. Take it with you and present anywhere.

Flexible: Bend it, Twist it, Fold it. The MX-1 can bend and fold in every which way, making it the most flexible document camera in the ELMO line up.

Quick Navigation Buttons: Control Menu at your finger tips. The MX-1 has easy access to navigation buttons, such as; image rotation, freeze frame, brightness control, zoom control and auto focus.

Magnetic Bottom: Smaller Footprint. Easily remove the base plate on your MX-1 to reveal the magnetic bottom. Stick the MX-1 to a metal surface for an even smaller footprint.


Superb image quality, Full motion Video: Help Maintain your student's interest with high quality images shown in fiine details. The MX-1 uses a 13M image sensor and outputs image in 4K ultra-HD resolutions. Enhance student's understanding through effective use of full-motion video in 60fps. (60fps when used in high frame mode 1080p)

Ultra-Compact, Easy to set up: Ultra-compact, simple stylish design, the MX-1 can easily fit inside a small handbag, making it lightweight and easy to carry in virtually any situation. The MX-1 can be connected to PC via super speed USB3.0 allows to record video or scan images straight to your PC. The optional Expansion Box allows to connect MX-1 directly to the projector or TV screen via HDMI/VGA.

Digital Zoom: 8x (MAX)

Lens: f=2.0 FOV 79*(Diagonal)

Focus Control: One-Push AF

Pause: Provided

Lighting(LED): Provided

White Balance: Via USB

HDMI Output: 1080P/720P*thru Expansion box

Power Consumption: 3.2W