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Lecture Capture

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Digitised Content Management - DCM - Features


Super Admin

  • Interface to Add / edit / upload creator (Doctor/teacher) data
  • Provision to Create domain names (Course/faculty/date/subject OR Surgeon/patient/ date/surgery, etc )
  • Multiple Permission levels ( to HOD’s, Surgeons, Doctors, teachers – institutions, departments, folders, libraries, etc.)
  • Interface to add patients or students with respective course or department.
  • 5 Interface to bulk move students to next classes at the end of the year or delete patients.
  • Interface to add / edit / delete Patient or students info


  • Interface to connect multiple folders for files archival
  • Provision to click and drag to select the beginning and end points of the video file to trim / chop the audio / video.
  • Provision to add custom Title and Description to the video file, Save & Publish
  • Creators can search files for future edits, publish or delete.
  • Interface to manually convert other format files to .mp3 / .mp4 using a built in software convertor
  • Interface to accept other files received from other sources and include in (.xml) searchable index
  • Interface to creator (Doctor/teacher) to allow the files to be played only or downloaded by users (patients / students)
  • Interface to add feedbacks
  • Interface to Upload documents like excel, word, pdf, ppt, jpeg as part of the searchable index.


  • Patients / Students can access the discussion / surgery / lectures to play the recorded audio or video on any device – desktop, laptop, mobile using browser.
  • A Search tool with advanced search is available to locate the video file.
  • Displays the search results with thumbnail images of the video file with title / lecturer description
  • Shows the files as stream only or downloadable (Button to download) based on creator permissions.
  • Allows the user to play audio alone or Audio & video.
  • The video files plays based on user bandwidth availability (Adaptive Bit rate) and device by Auto adjust or by Selection of audio / video quality