Telemedicine Requirements

Telemedicine Requirements

The project work can be taken up in two phases:

First Phase -

Providing the basic infrastructure to use the services from the Telemedicine room

Video Conference and TT ECG installations


Second phase -

Interfacing various diagnostic devices for telemedicine activities at the remote nodes.





A room measuring 10*15 situated near Imaging (radiology) Department or Cardiology so that data transfer and tele-consultations could be easily organized


To suit tertiary multi speciality hospitals, it will be ideal to have a mobile facility (trolley support) of the Video conferencing equipment with wireless connectivity (telemedicine equipment) so that the Tele-consultation/data transfer could be possible from any important location within the hospital.


First Phase requirements are:


Identification of a Telemedicine Room at each location

Purchasing of Video Conferencing Equipment

Procurement of Internet connectivity

Purchasing of PC/Document Camera/scanner and other equipments

Identification of a Telemedicine Coordinator and training

Installation of all equipments.  




    • Server           
    • 4 Mbps Internet with static IP address    
    • Printer and Fax              
    • 32” LCD TV
    • VC equipment
    • Telemedicine Server Software



Materials for every Remote ( Primary ) Centre :


      • Multimedia Computer with Video grabber card              
      • A-3 size transparent scanner
      • 1 Mbps Internet bandwidth    
      • 22” LCD TV
      • VC equipment
      • Telemedicine Remote End Software              
      • Digital TT ECG – 12 lead




        • Document Camera (instant image viewing)      
        • Digital Stethoscope
        • Preventive care diagnosis equipments like Digital Otoscope, opthalmoscope, throatscope, dental scope, etc.
        • Digital Microscope - CCD Camera for pathology microscope  (to be fitted)on existing microscope.
        • PACS solution support




            • Equipment tables. to accommodate Telemedicine system, video conference system and essential diagnostic instruments/attachments.
            • Power boards, 3KVA UPS with 30 minutes backup from built-in tubular batteries.
            • Interiors – Room preparation for effective remote consultations.