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Related Equipments

Audio Microphones

AVerMedia Technology’s  passion drove them to pursue the continuous research and development of digital imaging technologies and concurrent applications. AVerMedia Technologies provides PC, tablet, and mobile TV-viewing solutions, along with high-definition video and real-time audio-visual product designs, manufacturing, and marketing.


Accoustic Magic

Since 2002, the Pioneer of Scanning Array Microphones. The long pickup range and wide field of view make the Voice Tracker™ ideal for meetings and lecture recording, as well as conferencing applications. The Voice Tracker™ I can be used as an auxiliary microphone with conventional conferencing systems that have a good AEC. The Voice Tracker™ II has its own built in AEC, and consequently can be used with VoIP systems that do not have a robust AEC.


Elmo Visualisers

ELMO is a Japanese company using the best Japanese technology and is now working with educators around the world to develop state-of-the-art education ICT (Information communication technology) tools.

These ELMO ICT tools are now making their way into classrooms throughout the world.