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Network Security

  • Antivirus & Anti Spam
  • Firewall
  • Internet Access
  • Unified Threat Management


Computer security is the process of preventing and detecting unauthorized use of your computer. Prevention measures help you to stop unauthorized users (also known as 'intruders') from accessing any part of your computer system. Detection helps you to determine whether or not someone attempted to break into your system, if they were successful, and what they may have done.

 The rapid growth in mobile users, external workers, and partners demands a centralized approach to setting access policies. Converged applications introduce the need to protect voice, data, and video. Public and home wireless LANs spell greater vulnerability.

Historically, IT departments have built networks to link internal resources that are protected from the outside world. So we develop a solid framework for converged network services that puts security at the forefront of network architecture and makes the benefits available to each solution.