Different types of Audio System in a Classroom

How Voice Tracker I is the best fit for audio in a Classroom using Video Conferencing?

It is a challenging task to capture talkers throughout a large room. As the background noise is often unclear


The Voice Tracker accomplishes outstanding pickup range and field of view because of its proprietary scanning beamforming technology. The Voice Tracker I contains eight always on microphones and a digital signal processor. The processor forms a “listening beam” and automatically (and electronically) steers the beam to the active talker. This creates "spatial filtering". The Voice Tracker picks up from the area   around the talker and ignores sound from other parts of the room. The Voice Tracker also has noise reduction algorithms to eliminate stationary noise from fans and air conditioners. This low noise pickup, together with the constructive combination of the output of eight microphones, gives the Voice Tracker an outstanding signal-to-noise ratio.

Most users mount the Voice Tracker on a desk or podium in the front of the room, pointing towards the rear of the room. Voice Tracker is more sensitive from   the front than the rear and this positioning allows pickup from students sitting further away from the microphone.             

The Voice Tracker I has  a built in ceiling mount  and can be positioned on the ceiling, again towards the front of the room pointing towards the rear.