• Correct illumination
  • Good acoustics
  • Better background colours



  • It’s better to control room illumination by creating an ambience with artificial lighting
  • It’s strongly recommended to separate the area reserved for the speakers from the audience area
  • Concentrate artificial light on the area reserved for the speakers
  • Illuminate the rest of the room with soft light
  • Do not illuminate devices used as displays (monitors, projection screens, plasma
  • It’s suggested to darken the windows with curtains, better if made of materials that deaden also possible sound reverberations
  • Don’t use tables or furniture made of / laminated with materials that reflect the light

Suggested lighting parameters

  • Use lamps with a color temperature value of 3500° Kelvin
  • Brightness, measured as a reflection off the face of the speaker, should have a value of 500 Lux.


The following steps are suggested in order to avoid echoes and sound reverberation

  • Avoid furnishings made of reflecting materials, such as

Wood chairs,

marble floors

plasterboard false ceilings

big windows

  • solve possible acoustic problems by
    • Covering walls, windows and/or glass surfaces with curtains and/or materials that deaden reverberations
    • Covering the floor with fitted carpets (moquette)


  • To improve light distribution in the room, enhancing quality of video pictures, it’s suggested to choose curtains and/or upholstery with a light color (such as gray or light blue)
  • A good climate control is also recommended in order to ensure not only that the equipment operates properly, but also that the people using the room are comfortable.


  • Don’t place cameras facing light sources (avoid filming with backlighting)
  • Don’t place projection screens and/or monitors near lights or windows.
  • Don’t install loudspeakers near microphones
  • Wall mounted loudspeakers should be installed at an height from 2,20 to 2,50 meters to ensure a correct hearing
  • Never install loudspeakers behind the listeners: they could get confused.

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