Lecture Capture now falls into the need to have category. Lecture Capture is an umbrella term describing any technology that allows instructors to record their lectures and make them available digitally.

Lecture Capture is one of the boons of Modern Technologies. It enhances value of course lectures, as it facilitates online classes by establishing new methodologies for students to engage better during lectures and helps students to access content anytime.

Lecture Capture

The average human being goes through 3 to 4 repetitions before they are able to retain a new topic learnt.  Some of the course content pertaining to Science and Maths courses remain complicated and require more problems and sessions to understand better.  Lecture Capture benefits from the video on demand capabilities as it allows students to review the instruction on complex topics where long problems and formulas are worked out.

Lecture Capture Technology records a lecture that takes place in a Classroom. In recent times the number of colleges and universities using lecture capture has increased considerably. Lecture Capture systems are easy to access even for faculty who are averse to adapt new technologies in the classroom teaching.

It improves learning among students as it facilitates review of study material as and when needed. The Students have also reported that “having lecture content available online would help them retain course material, and 76 percent said they believed it would help them improve their test scores.

Many studies have concluded that this type of learning technology can offer more flexible way to teach and incorporate more active learning strategies. Lecture capture has the possibility to alter the way in which traditional face to face teaching is delivered and received.

Students can view the lecture live, and also view it from a digital library through the institution’s portal at a time and location of their choice. Since it is tightly integrated with their Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), authentication and security is assured. Because of the inbuilt smart indexing facility, students can search for a particular lecture topic or faculty or lecture date. Students can now afford to use this technology even when they have missed a lecture or want to review it at their pace.

The scalable solution can also be integrated with live surgery lectures from Operation Theatres using A&T’s VOTIS solution. In future, the college can also collaborate with other medical colleges and share these lectures with them on a need basis.               

Benefits of Lecture Capture       

It provides an opportunity for content review, particularly when complex topics are introduced or detailed procedures are performed; and as potential content for online course development.    

As follow up material to re explain, correct mistakes, provide supplementary material, to accompany a recorded lecture. Lecture capture has the ability to make remediation sessions available so that students who may lack certain skills can remediate without having to spend class time doing so.               

Students can add their own comments or annotations to recorded lectures, either by faculty or as self assessment of student presentations.

Faculty can add comments and annotate lectures/presentations for further clarifications, and references, or answer questions.          

Future of Lecture Capture

The trend in distance learning is gaining importance; lecture capture technology plays an key role to making it happen. It helps to open the doors for educational institutions to offer value driven course delivery methods and simultaneously ensuring the institutes remain firmly ingrained at the forefront of technology in education.

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