I received  a message today morning from a friend it read, ”Whenever you are in a Condition to Help someone, Just Do It and be Glad Be- cause God is answering someone’s Prayer through you. reading it lots of thoughts flashed across.

For us all whenever someone talks about ‘GIVING’ we think about Money we say “one needs money to do social service or with so many expenses where do we have excess amount to spare or We do it on the death anniversary of our beloveds” etc.

Don’t you think that such answers are just excuses. Don't we ? at times spend on things not so necessary. What I mean is spending time gossip- ing, spending time in outwitting someone, spending precious time in plotting against someone or for that matter lazing time in watching stupid things on the TV.

Giving can be in form of Time or Energy.  one can help by devoting time to someone in need. Just try doing it once the amount of satisfaction one gets is immense, you feel you are worth something. Your self confidence grows, you are blessed much more and you keep good health with all the positive vibrations around you.

I would share an incident from Mother Teresa’s life.

‘One day she received a cover with $15 from a man who has been on his back for twenty years (disabled) and the only part that he can move was his right hand. The only companion that he enjoyed was smoking. He had written inside : “I did not smoke for one week, and I send you this money.” It must have been a terrible sacrifice for him but see how beautiful, how he shared. And with that money Mother Teresa brought bread and gave to those who are hungry with a joy on both sides. He was giving and the poor were receiving.

This is something you and I can do – it is a gift of God to us to be able to share our love with others.