Aver Video Conferencing System

Launched recently Worldwide, A & T brings AVER SVC series of Video Conferencing + Collaboration Systems to India. With a plethora of advanced features, not available in any of the hardware Video conferencing devices available in the market today, AVER is an outright winner over any Video conferencing system.

Many of the features in AVER SVC Video Conferencing System (highlighted in the comparative analysis below) are not available at all, or maybe available at additional costs. Some of the features are unique and are available in NONE of the video conference systems in the World. With a simple all inclusive pricing (not to confuse the buyer), these systems come with 3 years warranty. A Special additional 2 years warranty on registration is also offered for a limited time period. AVer video conferencing can be summed up in one simple phrase… “More for your Money.”

Below are 17 features to choose Aver Video Conferencing product over Polycom for your Video Conferencing + Collaboration needs  Effortless video conferencing at an incredibly affordable price is what AVer promises for all of its video conferencing solutions and that is exactly what users have come to expect.

The table portrays the relative analysis amongst Aver and Polycom, where Aver emerges a clear winner way above its rivals.



AVER SVC 100 / 500

Polycom Group 500 / 700


Multi conference support

Additional license from 6 way upto 16 way @ additional cost. ( slabs of 2 ports)

Additional License upto 6 way only @ Additional cost


Full High definition 1080p resolution Support

Built in 1080p

Built in 720 only. For 1080p support additional license required @ additional cost.


Support for Third party Camera for second video input & fully operational using same remote control


Secondary camera Proprietory Polycom Camera


Dual Camera + Presentation Share - 3 windows


Not Available


Live streaming

Support Built in RTMP streaming using external streaming server ( youtube, etc. )

Not Available


Skype for Business  support

Built in and no additional license required. (Skype for Business credential required)

Additional License Required @ Additional cost


Built In SIP Server


Not Available


Recording of the video Conferencing session / local session

Built in recording using 32 Gb Internal storage / or External USB storage

Need external Recording Device & mic @ additional cost


Recording of the video Conferencing session / local session directly to NAS

Possible (iSCSI)

Not Available


Playback of recorded video using the Video conference system


Not Available


Layout changing during Playback of Recorded video using Video conference system ot software app

Layout of presenter and presentation can be changed while playback using VC Player software app - FREE

Play back not possible


Wireless Presentation - Sharing of desktop or content from PCs

Possible using screen share software - FREE cost

possible through external product only @ additional cost


Wireless presentation of Live image & Photos Via iPad, iPhone or Android Device .

Available using VC link software - FREE

Not Available


Video Conferencing collaboration software for iPad / Android tablet

Available using EZ Draw software - FREE

Not Available


Snapshot of image during a video call


Not Available


Guest user login from PC/ Laptop browser (WebRTC )

Available - Additional License Required with Additional cost

Not Available


Software for remote user login from PC/ Laptop based Application software

Ezmeet Up software 30 days Free Trial.
Just INR 1300-00

Polycom RPD software 30 days Free trial.
INR 8000-00

Please see http://atnetindia.net/video-conferencing-aver for the entire range of Aver Video Conferencing systems starting from 96000-00. 

For more info, email - [email protected]