Unified Collaboration System is the first of a new generation of online meeting solutions that enables meetings to be held by participants from their desktops, in a meeting room, over IP Network. The solution uses a convergence of video, voice and data to provide a real meeting like experience, with high quality video and audio systems and a full set of data collaboration tools. The combination of video, audio and data on a single personal client, providing access to online meetings whenever a broadband connection is available, has the potential to fundamentally change the way we work. Communication can always be done face to face, bringing all the benefits of direct communication to the desktop.    A & T Network Systems – Unified Collaboration

People will join a meeting from their own desktop, they can join the meeting when needed, and when the chairman calls them in, rather than sitting through hours of irrelevant discussion. Because participants are usually connected from their own desktop computers, if a piece of data is required during conference, it can be sourced from one of the participant’s computer systems and can be shared online in moments.