Transforming the way People Work!

Imagine holding meetings, face-to-face, whenever you want. To talk, see each other and share applications and documents without being in the same room, the same building, or even the same country - that's exactly what A&T's solutions will do for you.

Fully collaborative work environment without leaving your desk or home.

The collaborative meeting enables a 'virtual office' - 24 hours office, where you can meet when when the time is right, not when it suits everyone's schedule. It will transform the way you do business and help people work better by integrating with today's lifestyle.

Complemented by a sleek range of Video Conferencing Systems from world leading manufacturers, A&T's solutions for your conference rooms integrates with your business environment for diverse needs for group meetings.

Get the Competitive Edge over others


  • Travel less - Save time, Save Cost, Become more efficient.
  • Take quicker and right decisions.
  • Conduct effective meetings
  • Monitor and Control Quality and production.
  • Conduct Visual Meeting with the buyers  and strengthen your business relationship.
  • Reach your buyers, New Markets - Display and present on real time company profiles, products, presentation, recorded video catalogue.
  • Show Designs, textures, labels and colors of the sample garments for discussion and approval.
  • Interact with International designers for their expertise.
  • Provide training for Production Team, from within India or abroad.
  • Participate in Industry related overseas seminars.
  • Get possible emergency support/services from Machinery equipment suppliers.
  • Board Meetings, Strategic Decision Meetings and other Emergency meetings.


One-to-One Meetings:

Private secured one-to-one meetings from your buyers desktop/mobile.

Group Meetings in Conference Rooms:

Your Marketing/Merchandising Team to Design Studio, Production Centre, Buyer/Buying House.

Multisite Group Meetings involving simultaneous participation of:

  • Marketing Department
  • Design Studio
  • Production House
  • Buying Agent
  • Buyer