One of the most renowned foundations has established a 170-bed tertiary care facility equipped to deliver global standard treatment at Raipur, Chattisgarh where the hospital is built on a 50 acre campus. This is envisaged to provide medical facilities to the entire Chattisgarh region especially 300 kms around Raipur.


Being the first of its kind Super specialty hospital in the state of Chattisgarh, the management wanted to deploy state of the art ICT technology apart from the medical infrastructure within a reasonable budget.  The challenges they foresaw were

  • Availability of high calibre surgeons who can train continuously to upgrade the capabilities of the medico surgeons showing live surgeries
  • Review of surgeries during on demand learning sessions and regular CME programs.
  • Provision for availability of Surgery Video recording for future reference
  • There is no possibility of two way communication between the consultants & specialist from the operation theatre residing in overseas. In order to provide emergency advices to the patients by the Medical specialists available locally or from abroad during operations


A & T has developed a unique solution VOTIS, Virtual Operation Theatre Recording & Broadcasting System. VOTIS is an affordable solution that efficiently integrates with existing video and data systems in the Operation Theatre to attain the above objectives. With VOTIS it is now possible to record and transmit live, high resolution videos of surgery along with patient parameters and instructions given by the surgeon while the surgery is being performed.

The major technical features of the solution are

  • High Quality Surgery capture from 7 different sources.
  • Live Streaming / broadcasting through the LAN and internet.
  • Recording & archiving into a Content Management and Streaming server system for anytime playback.
  • Two Way Communication with the surgeon


The medical equipments in the OT - endoscopes, arthroscopes, surgical cameras, ultrasounds, C-Arms, etc, are connected to the NCAST HYDRA Capturing & Streaming Recorder natively. A wireless mic worn over the neck by the surgeon keeps him free to do surgery while explaining. The Hydra is interfaced to the Local network port in the Operation Theatre.   


Connectivity Diagram:



The hospital now delivers live surgeries from within the operation theatres to the conference room, where other medico surgeons are able to 

  • See and hear the Surgeon performing the surgery
  • View the live video images of the open surgery or endoscopy camera
  • View the Patient data monitor live as it changes during the surgery

By adding additional camera, they are also able to view the general movement of the surgeons and assistants within the OT. Apart from conference room, authenticated users are able to view the surgery from anywhere on the campus on the Local Network as well as over Internet from a PC browser or a mobile phone.

These surgeries are stored in the Gallery Server which manages these content. Any medico needing to view these recorded surgeries anytime later is now able to log in with his credentials and view any of the recorded videos by searching using the surgeon name, or date of the surgery or the patient name

Apart from training, Specialist & Consultant collaborations are effectively utilized & connected through the two way communications systems in the Operation theatre deployed now.