Audio Conferencing

Many organizations prefer audio conferencing due to security, commercial and other factors.  Compared to video conferencing, audio conferencing is typically a less expensive, very accessible and easy to set up. Audio conferencing saves time and money that would otherwise be spent on business travel to hold physical meetings

 Our range of audio conferencing accessories are the perfect solution for such firms.  Simple to connect and elegant, our speakerphones are rugged and easy to maintain.  Bluetooth connectivity ensures your conference room is clutter free and does not have ugly wires running around. It enhances the listening realism during video conference, allowing every corner in the conference room to have best sound clarity so that participants can have face to face telepresence

 Our systems:

  • Allow you to make internet calls easily
  • Connect to portable devices without installing extra software
  • Can be automatically detected and used through simple pairing.
  • Can also be connected to a PC or notebook through USB connecting to be used as an external speakerphone set.