Video Conferencing

The advent of Video conferencing made the world a smaller place to live in. 


With a simple click of a button, people across the globe in various time zones are able to communicate and collaborate.  Sharing thoughts, evolving strategies and communicating with anyone, anywhere has never been easier.


A&T brings an entire range of unique video conferencing solutions that allows organizations and people collaborate with each other in a safe and secure manner.  With more than two decades of expertise behind us, our solutions allow people to connect in a manner of their choice. 


Our solutions deliver unique advantages that make the difference between a good and a great experience.

  • 100% secure – our solutions are trusted by defense forces in multiple countries
  • Simple to connect – connect from any browser or hardware (H.323) system
  • Crystal clear video – Up to 18x digital zoom ensures participants can see every detail including the eyeballs of the speaker
  • Perfect audio – unidirectional and omni-directional microphones ensure only the speaker audio is picked up, not the ambient noise
  • Broadcast live – want to stream a video or presentation live? Our systems do it automatically
  • Integrated solutions – we deliver a turn-key solution, integrating, managing and supporting all components end-to-end
  • Multiple applications – designed for presentations, multi-party video conferences, webinars or just to record an event