Extraordinary room coverage with superior audio pickup

→ 1 wireless microphone connects to master microphone connector, and then connects the RJ45 port of master microphone connector with the RJ45 port of the audio processor through the Ethernet cable.

→ 2 microphone cascade inputs: 2 wired microphones connect to master and slave microphone connector through RJ45 standard Ethernet port, and then connect RJ45 port of the master microphone connector with the RJ45 port of the processor.

→ 1 stereo AEC reference signal input, 3.5mm standard audio port.

→ 2 stereo line output, 3.5mm standard audio port.

→ Full-band full-duplex adaptive echo cancellation technology.

→ Full-band dynamic adaptive noise reduction up to 18dB.

→ Smart sound mixing and microphone selection

→ Sampling frequency 48 kHz, A/D-D/A in 24bit

→ Independent input and output volume adjustment knob

→ Acoustic echo cancellation
→ Adaptive noise suppression
→ intelligent mixing functions
→ Aesthetic Ceiling Installation

Transducer Type

Φ24 back electret condenser



Frequency Response



-44±3dB (0dB=1V/[email protected])

Rated Output Impedance


Minimum Load Impedance



75dB(S:([email protected]) N:(A-Weighted curve))

Maximum Sound Pressure

115 dB(f=1kHz,THD<1%)

Dynamic Range

104dB([email protected]Ω)

Maximum Output Voltage

1.6dBV(20Hz-20kHz, THD<1%@2.5kΩ)

Working and Storage Temperature

0-45°C/-20-70°C (32 - 113 °F/-4 to 158 °F)

Output Connector and Cable

Mini XLR-3 male/shielded twisted pair cables


Matte black

Net Weight