The Voice Tracker II starts with Acoustic Magic's unique, customer proven, patented scanning beam array microphone technology, which spatially filters undesired sounds and noise over a 360 field of view. But it has been designed to enhance its applicability for video and audio conferencing, while retaining its attributes for meetings and lecture recording, speech recognition, voice control, and security monitoring. More info @

Automatic electronic steering of "listening beam" to talker location.

360 field of view.

Long-range: 20+ feet for conferencing/meeting recording/home automation voice control applications. 3 feet for desktop full vocabulary automation speech recognition applications.

Six "always on" microphone elements

Two-stage noise reduction(spatial filtering followed by conventional noise reduction)

Full-duplex operation through internal Acoustic Echo Cancellation algorithm

Mute button

USB audio output/microphone power

Analog audio output jack, switchable between mic level and line level output.

5 element LED display to indicate location of chosen talker and mute mode.

Talker location signal


Lecture recording & Distance Learning: With scanning unidirectional technology, it enables full room coverage with a single microphone.

Conferencing: The Microphone’s internal Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) algorithm provides performance that rivals or exceeds that of AEC boxes costing several thousand dollars.

Meeting Recording: It can be used as an auxiliary microphone with conferencing systems, or it can be the main microphone for the desktop based VoIP-based conferencing systems.

Home Automation: It is so sensitive, and the sound quality is so good, that it provides handheld mic accuracy at ranges of many feet, enabling voice control for assisted care, robotics, etc.

Security: Conventional microphones normally used with video cameras do not do an adequate job filtering the noise.

Speech Recognition: It is so sensitive, and its sound quality is so good, that it provides headset/handheld mic accuracy at ranges of a few feet, eliminating the encumbrance of wearing a headset or holding a handheld mic when using speech recognition software.

Medical: The combination of applications makes the purchase of the Voice Tracker a valuable investment for doctors and medical professionals.

Legal: The Voice Tracker array microphone has benefits in several applications of interest to lawyers especially as is pertains to legal dictation.

Effective at Long-range: It creates an exceptional signal to noise ratio by increasing its signal pickup while reducing room noise. It accomplishes room noise reduction through a two-stage process. First, it minimizes unwanted background noise and reverberation by beam forming. Its digital signal processor creates a "listening beam"(like a searchlight) that automatically and electronically focuses on the talker, spatially filtering sound from other directions. Then its proprietary noise reduction algorithms diminish the remaining background noise and reverberations. It increases the sensitivity by constructively adding the output from its six "always on" microphone elements. As a result, the it has applications range of more than 20 feet for conferencing, meeting recording, and home automation applications, range of several feet for hands-free/headset free full vocabulary automatic speech recognition applications.

Full Duplex Operation for VoIP and conventional conferencing. The Voice Tracker II has a high performance acoustic echo canceller built in. This AEC, combined with, a mute button, and the Voice Tracker II's long-range, make it ideal for conferencing and telephony (speakerphone) applications.

Portable. The Voice Tracker II has a half of the size of the original Voice Tracker, and fits easily into a briefcase. It can be powered through its USB connection, eliminating the need to carry a wall power converter and making it operable in any country.

Easy to use. Our patented beam steering technology, noise reduction algorithms, and AEC, all operate from an internal DSP. No software needs to be loaded on your PC, and there is no drain on your computer's processing capability. There are no moving parts, so the Voice Tracker II is rugged and reliable.

Dimensions: 12"*1.5"*1.5"

Weight: 2 Lbs

DSP sample rate 48kHz

Frequency response: 100HZ-11.25 KHZ

Analog Output Level: mic level or line level, unbalanced

Analog Output impedance: 200 Ohms

Acoustic Echo Cancellation:

Conforms to ITU-TG.167 standard

Convergence speed:<100ms

Single Talk Acoustic Echo Cancellation: 70dB

Double Talk Acoustic Echo Cancellation:40dB

Tail Length: 100ms

Algorithm sample rate: 48KHz


Main Connection: Mini USB

3.5mm mono jack for analog audio output

3.5mm jack for far end talker reference

DB9 jack for serial talker location signal.