USB based PTZ Camera with 10X Zoom 4 Mic Array System and Speaker Tracking 

4 Mic Array System
Automatic Echo Cancelling(AEC)
Active Noise Cancelling(ANC)
Ultra High Frame Rate
USB 2.0
Long-Range Control
Control Protocol Automatic Identification Technology

Used in multiple applications like Education, Conference and Medical treatment

4 Digital Mic Array, 10 meters voice pick up

Active Noise Cancelling(ANC), Automatic Echo Cancelling(AEC), to achieve HD voice quality

2 million pixels 1/2.8inch HD CMOS sensor, can achieve 1920x1080 HD picture

MJPEG Output Frame Rate 1080P/30fps

USB2.0 plug and play, easy to use

Use RS232 and USB2.0, two kinds of interface simultaneously use and control the camera Supporting RS232/USB2.0 interface long-range upgrade maintain functions

VISCA PELCO protocol automatic identification technology, don’t need to dial-up or menu setup